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Life isn't perfect,
but your outfit can be

Winter is approaching, It is the second half of the year. Life is repeated every day which is boring. Let’s change from being dressed up.

Life is not perfect, and many things develop in an uncontrolled direction which is making you feel discouraged. However, don't be beaten by life. Go to find out your own outfit style and dress up suitable to face different challenges brought by life. This is something you can control.

Give up the black and white outfit only. Refer to the popular color yellow or khaki this year, it can give a big try on the matching. This winter just treats yourself as a model to show all kinds of styles on your body as you like and then find out the best one.

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Onion-style wear is a suitable method in winter which is avoiding large temperature differences between indoor and outdoor. Put on the MAX MARA khaki coat inner, and mix with the MAX MARA burgundy coat. The wine red is as delicate and rich as red wine The lower body is good to fit with a 3.1 Phillip Lim yellow dress. The eye-catching lemon yellow and khaki are mutually radiant, and the intimate feeling comes to life. With the long BOOT in autumn and Winter, warmth and fashion are also taken into consideration.


The brighten sun in all seasons. When you go out for a long time, you should bring the hot GENTLEFENDI sunglasses to protect your eye. When taking pictures, it can be used as a prop. The strong sense of GENTLEFENDI 's design will highlight the focus on the face and make people unable to leave the line of sight easily
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Odoo • Image and Text


with red leather strap

  • Digital position replaced by amphibole.
  • The surface is engraved with floral patterns in a concave and convex manner.
  • Red flower beams a special radiance on this watch
  • Mineral crystal/ Quartz/ Leather
  • Diameter: 38mm

Girls who are not afraid to love or hate are attractive

You always have different ideas, but you do not do it because you care about the eyes of others. Life is your own, why not bravely do what you want to do, grasp the present. The real you is more sparkling.

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Milan fashion world is more likely to emphasize elegance in the 1980s. Moschino subverted everyone's traditional impression of fashion in the 1980s. It insists on personal style. In the new generation, the style girl is impressive. The combination of red and black is gentle and chic. The pig pattern on clothes adds a touch of cuteness to the overall shape, while the tights are full of body and cut clean. Let’s follow the ideas of Moschino, there is no way to follow the crowd, highlight the personality of girls who are soft and heavy.

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